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You Tube, Facebook, Twitter sites, Forums, Video Productions (if they are not officially working for an exhibitor) and Communities will not be considered for media accreditation.Press spokespersons and PR agencies: We only grant accreditation to representatives of PR agencies who are speaking on behalf of an exhibitor at ITB Berlin or are acting as senior consultants for such exhibitors.Its crew has grown by a factor of four over four years.

Fred Kroetsch, producer of Puppy TV, is jetlagged on set as baby dogs adorably scramble around on their artificial beach.

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Grossing US.5 billion in 2016, China’s film industry is predicted to become the world’s largest — the U. earns about billion a year, which is more than 10 times the size of Canada’s industry.

The AMPIA economic field trip took 20 people representing 18 organizations over to China: members of AMPIA; government officials and a number of local film producers, including from Avatar Media, Catapult Pictures, Leven Creative/Keen Eye, Lightfinder Saga Inc./Multipel Inc., Lynmar Films (who financed Lost City of Z), Mosaic Entertainment and Open Sky Pictures — that’s Kroetsch’s production company behind the baby animal TV shows and numerous other projects.

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