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Henry VIII requested that anybody who wished to keep a green pay a fee of 100 pounds.However, the green could only be used for private play and he forbade anyone to "play at any bowle or bowles in open space out of his own garden or orchard".John P Monro, Bowls Encyclopaedia (3rd ed), gives that the name 'jack' is derived from the Latin word jactus, meaning a cast or a throw.A sport played by young men called "casting the stone" is mentioned by William Fitz Stephen, a close friend of Thomas Becket, in the preface of his biography Vita Sancti Thomae written during the twelfth century . Probably the youngest and hottest models on the net!

Bowls historians believe that the game developed from the Egyptians.

The earliest documented use of the word 'Jack' in Bowls is either from 1611 "Was there euer man had such lucke?

when I kist the Iacke vpon an vp-cast, to be hit away?

" or alternatively Shakespeare used it in Cymbeline (thought to have been written in 1609) when he caused Cloten to exclaim, "Was there ever man had such luck!

When I kissed the jack, upon an up-cast to be hit away." There are competing theories as to etymological origin of the word "Jack".

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