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At critical times during the game, Greg acted as if he didn't have a strong hand which made Alina more confident of winning. But ten minutes later, Mike and herself lost as Glen showed his stronger hand. Mike's cock was erect but small at 5 inches, thin with balls that didn't hang down much. A slight tremor gave away that she knew it was his hands. With Mike's hands engaged with her boobs, she also felt Greg run a finger along the back elastic of her pink panties. And then she stood on tiptoe and spread her legs while she hung onto Mike.

The small signal allowed Greg to pull the panties towards him to have the material scrape, to graze along her pussy lips. Greg's voice had a deeper resonance, quieter but stronger.

Greg still stood behind Alina and whispered, ''Are your nipples hard? ''Keep your hands on Mike's head and pull him into your panties.'' As she followed the instructions, Greg let his hands slide either side and under her loosened bra. '' Without instruction Alina began to move her hips into Mike's face, a slow rhythm.

Alina threw her head back as she pulled Mike's mouth even closer into her groin. Looking down at Mike, kneeling before his wife, Greg said, ''Lick your wife through her panties, Mike. She leaned back into Greg, as Greg caressed around her nipples.

Her skirt had risen where it almost showed her knickers. '' She and Mike had been to a restaurant for dinner to meet Greg Smith, an old friend of Mike's. He had a worldly charm and Alina could tell that Greg liked her. She had a feeling Mike might bring him into their fantasy role-play during future love-making.

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Alina felt happy as she drove her white Porsche 911 Carrera soft top, and put her foot down on the mile-long straight road. She kept herself fit, did yoga, pilates and had shapely 'dancers' legs, much admired by other men. He does have smoky eyes though.'' Yes, she admitted to herself, Greg had charmed her. '' asked Mike, as he eased his fingers to touch her pussy. He knew where Alina and Mike lived, it was on his satnav with directions to their large country house in ten acres of Berkshire countryside. They had a conversation about waiting for Greg to catch up. His dark brown hair was long for a man and covered his collar.She kept her eyes on the dark road, trees either side of them, and shouted, ''Touch me higher, Mike. Alina didn't mind, because the sex had been predictable without the fantasies.So long as Mike did the talking she was happy to play along. Her husband, Mike wasn't the greatest lover but he was reliable, honest and he wasn't hung-up about the wealth that Alina brought to the marriage.To make love was the deal, and she wanted it, wanted Greg to watch, wanted him to touch her - again. '' She let her husband suck one of her nipples and encouraged Greg. I can't blame him for that.'' ''Whatever you say, darling.'' Mike stroked his own cock. She ran her fingers across his cock and circled her hand around Greg's girth. Large and too big to deep-throat him, she relished the difference in texture and taste. The very thought that two men were in the act of pleasuring her made her skin go into goosebumps.Mike peeled off her wet panties while Alina looked over at Greg who was seated now in a chair, as a voyeur. ''Let's see what you look like.'' The bulge between his legs drew her eyes ''Is Mike okay for me to strip? Get your clothes off.'' Greg was already in bare feet, his shirt came off and then his trousers. Alina wanted Greg to go further than play with himself. Greg was considerate, didn't push too far, kept his hips moving at a slow pace and the longer he did it the easier Alina found it. It seemed natural to concentrate on Greg rather than Mike. She placed her hand on top of her husband's head between her thighs and gave him encouragement.

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