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There has been a lot of good information on the truth about tithing made available online and I will provide some links at the bottom of this page to web sites that I have read and agree with.The purpose of this page is not to go into a lot of detail about tithing.However, I would like to touch on some of the most important reasons why what the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination teaches about tithing is WRONG.First of all it’s important to understand that Tithing is a Biblical principle, however, it no longer applies because tithing was commanded under the Old Covenant. Tithing was a command under the Mosaic Law, a series of laws that we are no longer obliged to follow.All our overseas subscriptions are handled by OCS Media.If you have a query or concern which relates to one of the local newspapers, please contact them directly.

Teaching tithing is absolutely unbiblical and nothing more than mind control manipulation.

However, God has categorically promised to bless those who will so honor Him.

Even other people would perceive God’s blessing upon them as they returned to tithing.” So what’s wrong with the above? Well it would probably be easier to answer the question, What’s NOT wrong with the above?

Minnesota might not seem like an obvious place to look for traces of Ku Klux Klan parade grounds, but this northern state was independent dating newspaper home to fifty-one chapters of the KKK.

Elizabeth Hatle tracks down the history of the Klan in Minnesota, beginning with the independent dating newspaper charged atmosphere that produced the tragic Duluth lynchings.

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