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My boys both wanted to join, so I figured, what the heck. I call these the “lawn chair years” because it seems like we were constantly just folding and unfolding our lawn chairs, packing them in the car, and heading to our next game. My friend Diane talked me into helping her chaperone the New London-Spicer ski club that went out to Powder Ridge every Friday night. I enjoy sparking interest in the mundane and uncovering a compelling backstory.JC Whitney wants your auto-part shopping experience to be as quick and easy as possible.So whether you need replacement for your old or damaged auto parts or you simply want to upgrade your ride’s looks and performance, you’d better do your shopping here.If you want a boost in your ride’s horsepower output, you can check out our array of high-performance parts that can help your engine achieve better combustion and crank out more horses.We are also aware that safety should never be compromised, so we offer top-quality replacement and aftermarket parts that will help maintain your ride’s safety and roadworthiness.The whole town was wild for Boogie Wonderland, and even the guys… I absolutely didn’t recognize him at all, and when I finally figured out who he was, I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I just couldn’t believe all the time and effort these people had gone through to make my 40th birthday so special. So, that’s the memory I’m stuck with this morning as I think about you turning 40. Most of them hate 70s disco music (or so they say), but we danced all night long… I bet your friends would have thrown you a surprise party, too.

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I love disco music, and Boogie Wonderland was my favorite band at the time. I put on my dress, matching hat, wig, and go-go boots, and off we went to Medina. All the Bakers were there, and Ross’s brother Paul (Mr. We went to our Christmas tree farm almost every weekend, and I spent the days running and playing in the tree fields with my cousins. That made me wonder what songs were on the radio when you were 11. is it just me, or is that a deeply profound and ironic list of song titles? Ultimately, that led to a downhill spiral that caused me to lose all my confidence, and without that, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. Mail to 16162 Golfview Rd NE, New London, MN 56273.

We dressed up every time they came to Melvin’s in Spicer, and we danced on the beach all night long. The girls took me back to Jane B’s house so I could change into my own 70s outfit they had bought for me. Conservative) had shaven off the bottom of his goatee so he had this long crazy horseshoe mustache that reached all the way down to his chin. I was so far from the person I wanted to be, I didn’t think I’d ever find her again. a far cry from that happy, carefree 11 year old who loved to belt out 70s songs on the AM radio. I can’t explain things very well from here on out, because I still have trouble making sense of it all. If you’d like to receive a receipt, just let me know and I will get one to you.

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