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It is the oldest and most influential alternative to naturalism in the theory of mind and epistemology.It was an important feature of ancient Greek philosophy, Neoplatonism, medieval philosophy, and in particular, the Illuminationist school of Islamic philosophy.


Roughly equivalent terms in Christianity may be illumination, kenosis, metanoia, revelation, salvation and conversion.A man must have not only faith, but intellectual faith too".[Y]oga is a meditative exercise of withdrawal from the particular and identification with the universal, leading to contemplation of oneself as the most universal, namely, Consciousness.Augustine was an important proponent of Illuminationism, stating that everything we know is taught to us by God as He casts His light over the world, Dumoulin viewed metaphysics as the expression of a transcendent truth, which according to him was expressed by Mahayana Buddhism, but not by the pragmatic analysis of the oldest Buddhism, which emphasizes anatta...of them labour under the old cliché that the goal of Buddhist psychological analysis is to reveal the hidden mysteries in the human mind and thereby facilitate the development of a transcendental state of consciousness beyond the reach of linguistic expression.

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