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My girlfriend at the time was standing away from me, arms crossed, fuming, and acting very short-tempered and tense with me at the time.“She is so horny right now,” my buddy said as we both looked off in her direction. “I haven’t slept with her in a week, just because I’ve been super busy. She certainly didn’t look anything like what horny looked like in the movies.Also, there’s a distinct difference between angry, upset, mean and moody. We can all clearly spot an angry chick who had probably gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, or one who’s pretty upset because of some trivial misunderstanding.We aren’t addressing those girls with those real issues which are liable of making someone upset.But that day when she was really feeling HORNY but couldn’t get her sex fix because of her boyfriend’s work schedule: she brought the mean with her into the workplace.She was so fucking horny that it was visibly oozing out of her face!There's no word yet on how he felt after the session.Zimmermann has been out of commission for the last two weeks with a right shoulder impingement.

In addition to that [her moodiness], she also said to me that she gets slight headaches from being sex depraved and horny at the same time. Ok, now that we’ve cracked into the girl code on this once hidden secret of theirs [Horny-Bitchy], it begs the questions: “What is the points, and how does this change my perspective on dating and getting laid”?

Cabrera was eligible for activation from the disabled list Monday and the Tigers had initially hoped he might be ready to go then, but obviously the aforementioned complication has delayed things. Candelario landed on the disabled list earlier this week with left wrist tendinitis, which is an issue he's dealt with for years.

It's possible he could eventually require surgery, but he'll attempt to play through it for now and should return for the Tigers relatively soon.

But yeah, she wants it really bad right now.” And then I stopped. I quickly had a series of women’s faces flash through my mind: women I’d known had wanted to go to bed with me, but who had also been acting like…well, like total bitches… Why haven’t we seen this on TV or talked about in Cosmos or FHM!?

Hold that excerpt in mind for later reference to the bombshell which I’m about to reveal…to my audience at least. :idea:” HB Coworker: “Well that’s the reason I’m in a bitchy mean mood right now”. What I’m saying is, I’m irritated and in a bad funk because I’m horny” :oops:. 😮 ” [She nonchalantly says to me:] HB Coworker: “When a girl is horny, she acts mean”. Who’s been guarding this dirty-little secret from us and keeping the genie in the fucking bottle 😡 !? When she said that to me with the coolness of a cucumber as if this was common knowledge among the chick fraternity; I felt as though I had been robbed of 1 of the most crucial piece of information that all women-loving men should have! To get some further clarity on the horny-bitchy connection, I made sure that I wasn’t misconstruing what she’d said, so I begged that she break it down.

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